Teacher: Jacqueline Hernandez
instagram: @artofjacqueline

Art learners will be exploring the skills of pencil drawing. They will learn about how to properly shade with pencils to create a realistic tonal drawing from hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, and blending. The learners will gain skills and knowledge on one point to two-point perspectives by creating geometric to realistic landscapes. In addition, they will also learn how to draw self portraits. The purpose of this drawing course is to introduce the learner on beginner mechanisms of drawing to sharpen their drawing skills.

Week 1: Feb 3 + 5

Understanding the values scale of shading.

Learners will get to know and practice how each pencil grade can create different shades by making their own value scales.
They will practice the shading with each pencil on geometric shapes to gain an understanding of the contrast between shadows and light.

Week 2: Feb 10 + 12

Shading through observation.

The learners will observe a photo of a sphere comparing to an apple. They will practice how to use the blender to create shadow and light on the sphere as their first sketch practice. The second will move how to properly draw and shade a fruit by creating the light and shadows.
This has the learner understand light and shadow through observation.

Week 3: Feb 17 + 19

One point perspective
The use of a ruler is important in art.

Learners will practice how to use a ruler on creating a one point perspective.
They will use geometric as their first practice to understand how the shapes create a 3 dimensional illusion of a one point perspective.

Week 4: Feb 24 + 26

One point perspective landscape

Learners will create a mountain landscape by utilizing shading, and perspective on a larger scale paper.

Week 5: Mar 2 + 4

Self portrait

By understanding shading, geometric shapes and perspective the final lesson will be on how to create a self portrait by understand how to draw all the facial features.