Teacher: Nupur Nishith

Mithila or Madhubani painting is an ancient folk-art form practiced by millions, mostly women in the Mithila region of India since ancient times. The artform is famous for its distinguished features and unique symbols and motifs with intricate patterns and designs in vibrant colors. Mithila art has now reached the homes of various art lovers across the globe from the walls and floors of cluster of villages in Mithila region in India

Art Learners will get a hands-on understanding of various aspects of the traditional ancient folk art in 4 sessions of 2 hours (total 8 hours).

  • Introduction to Mithila / Madhubani Art form
  • Basic History
  • Styles of Artform
  • Themes (Traditional and Contemporary)
  • Introduction to various Tools
  • Color Mixing and Palette
  • Distinguished Features, Patterns and Motifs
  • Element of Study: Border designs
  • Element of Study: Nature – trees, leaves, flowers etc.
  • Element of Study: Human Figures
  • Element of Study: Birds and Animals

Create Masterpiece
By understanding the various elements, patterns and motifs learner would be able to create their own masterpieces as the end of the session.

No previous art experience is required.
Adults and Children above 8 years are welcome.
Come along with your friends to have fun learning and create an international folk-art form Mithila / Madhubani painting from India!

Limited Seats. Pre-registration is required.