Hudson County’s Largest Contemporary Art Gallery – Novado Gallery – The Bridge Art Gallery

by Katherine Guest– 

Being the bedrock of ethnic diversity in the nation for a second year in a row, Jersey City, NJ, holds the largest contemporary art gallery space in the city: Novado Gallery. The Novado Gallery located on 110 Morgan St. in Jersey City, NJ, came to fruition by the owner of the gallery, Anne Novado, who 8 years ago completed an entrepreneurial business course at the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University with the plan to start her own LLC.

In 2004, Novado acquired curatorial skills while organizing graduate exhibitions at Syracuse University after graduating with a Masters of Fine Art. She also served as an active board member of a Syracuse based 501C3 arts organization that ran contemporary art programming at One Lincoln Center.

The conceptual plan for the Novado Gallery was developed while Novado was living in Central New York and running art projects and programming. Novado currently lives in Bayonne, NJ.

“I met my business partner Steve Pearlman, who with the support of his wife, was looking to get involved in a gallery project,” said Novado.

Instead of starting a gallery in the proposed location of Philadelphia, Novada suggested an art space in either Jersey City or Hoboken.

After much research, Pearlman and Novado found Jersey City had a certain je ne sais quoi in reference to the city’s contemporary Renaissance and the close proximity to Manhattan.
Art galleries are an instrumental catalyst for growth in underdeveloped areas, and while Jersey City isn’t underdeveloped, the city is in a state of growth especially within the evolving arts community.

“I can’t quite say that our area was underdeveloped, but it is growing nevertheless,” said Anne Novado.

The art gallery focuses on national and international curatorial projects to enhance the corporate culture with a strong contemporary art presence that demonstrates maturity of vision with a fresh approach.

“…we’ve seen a lot of potential for area businesses to use art to enhance their corporate culture. Growth oriented companies don’t want what everyone else has, they want to stand out. There are interior designers who are amazing with furnishing a space, but when they get into the art, it tends to look like something ordered from a catalog,” said Novado.

“There is a real need for art advisory services that are sensitive to the needs of a CEO wanting to improve the work environment for employees, tenants and visitors.”

Along with curatorial projects, Novado Gallery partnered with DeeSpace Gallery in the Bergen Lafayette neighborhood of Jersey City to do a pop-up show last fall. In the meantime, Novado Gallery was busy participating in a Manhattan art fair. By creating a lasting business relationship between the galleries, there’s been an exchange of exhibiting artwork.

Novado Gallery showcases a significant amount of national artwork, but not every collaboration is national. Last June, The International Sculpture Center had its residency exhibition in the gallery. This past summer, guest curator, artist and writer Zi Lin from Beijing, China, created a project exhibition for Chinese art students studying at the Maryland Institute College of Art. In April, he will present another curatorial solo project of a Chinese artist in the project space.

Other artists the gallery has worked with include: Lacey McKinney, David Samuel Stern, Azarez, Robert Glisson, Charlotta Janssen, Fabricio Suarez, Candy LeSueur, Kati Vilim, Jim Ridlon, Sunil Garg, and Mary Giehl, to name a few.

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