Beautiful New Bayonne-based Gallery Aims to Encourage NJ Creative Community – The Bridge Art Gallery

On September 24th, the Bergen Point art community in Bayonne got to meet the newest addition to the family. Cheryl and Christopher Mack unveiled the grand opening of their passion project, The Bridge Art Gallery, showcasing local work from Bayonne and Montclair artists, as well as some pieces from Atlanta.

Located in the heart of Historic Bergen Point, 199 Broadway at 7th Street, the gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday, from 12pm until 7pm.

jim davis mayor bayonne art gallery
Mayor Davis at the Grand Opening | via Facebook

The instantly lovable couple add a personal touch with a whole lot of heart to the rustic, industrial space. The Macks explain that while the Bridge Art Gallery takes its name from the nearby Bayonne Bridge, it also holds a much deeper meaning. The bridge serves as a symbol of how art can bring the community together, as well as expose non-residents to all of the beautiful work the community has to offer. In their words, the gallery “shortens the distance Bayonne residents have to travel in order to have a multi-cultural visual experience.”

The genesis of the gallery dates back to this past February when Cheryl and Christopher created the Expressive Creative Soul art exhibit at Bee’s Art Studio. The exhibit was a big success and left Cheryl and Christopher eager to establish something more permanent. The couple moved to Bayonne six years ago from Brooklyn, and their passion for both art and their community warms the room and led to a very successful grand opening.

art gallery bayonne
via Facebook

Christopher, a graphic designer, was even one of the artists featured at the grand opening. Others include Tiffany Patrice, Tejaswini, Nupur Nishith, Maurice Evans, and Ted Papoulas.

In addition to showcasing outstanding contemporary art pieces, The Bridge Art Gallery plans to also feature a wide array of curated art exhibitions, artist meet and greets, album listening parties, and much more.