Bridge Art Gallery Brings Online Activities and Thanks Healthcare Heroes – The Bridge Art Gallery

By David Mosca | The Jersey Journal

Although its doors are closed, Bayonne’s Bridge Art Gallery has initiated a wide variety of online activities to engage with its visual and performing arts community during this during this temporary new normal that the rest of the world is facing.

The Bridge Art Gallery has been hosting weekly art challenges on social media, creating a method for visual artists to share their art work. Each week follows a theme such as love, family, and isolation among other themes. Artists will share a piece of their artwork on social media that connects them with each challenge and tag the Bridge Art Gallery which then highlights their artwork across their social media channels. Channels include Instagram: @bridgeartgallery, Facebook: @TheBridgeArtGallery, Twitter: BridgeArtNJ, and YouTube: Bridge Art Gallery.

The gallery has also hosted Bridge Art Exchanges, a live stream presentation where four artists share a recently completed piece of artwork or a work in progress. Each artist gets five minutes to present and discuss the technique, materials, and inspiration for their artwork. The viewing audience will also get five minutes to submit questions to the presenting artist about the work. This is done as a Facebook live session on the Bridge Art Gallery page.